Brunch Review – Olive’s at the Station, Whitley Bay [ad]

On Saturday morning, both I and the boy were very kindly invited to Olive’s at the Station to try their Valentine’s Brunch. As an Aquarius who was actually born on the day of Valentine’s festivities, I thought ‘why not?!’ as it would be a double whammy celebration. Plus, everyone loves making a full weekend out of their birthday, right?

I’m not going to lie – as most birthday weekends usually go, I actually went out for drinks the night before the brunch. Naturally, this meant that come the next morning – I felt a bit fragile. Despite this, Olive’s at the Station absolutely delivered, and made me overcome my hangover hurdle enough that I actually went shopping afterwards…

Olive's at the Station Breakfast - Newcastle Coffee

A Warm Welcome

In regards to the actual Valentine’s brunch, we were very happily greeted at Olive’s at the Station by the loveliest waitress who surprised us with some Bucks Fizz – and also in my case, a latte and water. We were then asked to pick the main course which would arrive after another surprise – this time coming in the form of a starter to share.

This consisted of French toast with a berry compote, homemade granola and a blueberry muffin. Truthfully, both I and the boy aren’t usually fans of berry flavoured food but how wrong we have been. All three of the starters were wolfed down in four minutes flat. Plus my boyfriend actually ate a piece of fruit (albeit with French toast or in a muffin) but is honestly a miracle.

The Main Course

Next up was the main course. I know – I really did have a bougie birthday considering I had two-course breakfast. I guess I’m starting my year of being 24 years old, as the way I mean to go on…

Anyway, after spotting another couple have the Eggs Benedict delivered, I got serious eggs envy and made my choice. Despite the potential disaster of having eggs whilst hungover, I actually made the completely right decision. I went for the Hebridean (black pudding and bacon) which are by far the best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had. This is also a big statement from someone who eats brunch every weekend and has eggs 80% of the time.

Olive's at the Station Breakfast - Pancakes Newcastle

As for the boyfriend – he chose the classic pancake stack: with bacon and maple syrup. As my usual brunch partner-in-crime, he also has his cult classic and usually picks a pancake stack. He was, however, seriously impressed and kept on banging on about the crispiness of the bacon… “It’s just right.” Which is indeed exactly how I felt about my choice of brunch, too.

Overall Review of Olive’s at the Station

All in all, the Valentine’s Brunch was a memorable meal. And although the food was complimentary, I’m a big believer of honesty being the best policy. I rightfully stand by everything in this mini food review. Even my decision to still go out the night before a 10 am brunch.

I will, however, note that unfortunately, the Valentine’s Breakfast was a one-off event. But the starters are still available as a bigger portion and of course, the ‘main’ courses run throughout their breakfast times. I and the boy are also currently trying to work out when we can head back, to try their lunch-time menu. So, watch this space – there might be a second review.

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