Weekly Shenanigans: 25th March – 30th March

Hello, my lovely people. It’s been a hot moment since I last blogged. But in the mean-time, I’ve had the same glow up a girl has after finally ridding herself of a shite-bag: I’m back and better. I have a new logo and website but more importantly, a new outlook on blogging. Instead of posting long-form think pieces posts every couple of months, I’ve decided to start writing without restriction. Putting pen to paper, or well uh, fingertips to keyboard, is something that brings me so much joy so I want to do it more. There will be less of a period in-between posts, and there will a lot more of them. Some may be humbling, some may be witty. Some may seem completely off topic, and some may only be of relevance to my fellow Geordies. But they will always be honest.

To help get my writing flow back, I’ve decided to introduce a new series to ‘What Bekki Did’.  Inspired by one of my favourite writers The Little Plum, I’ve decided to start posting weekly catch ups. Every Sunday, I will post photos captured on my phone from the past week before giving the backstory. Basically, you’ll get an insight into ‘What Bekki Really Did’ throughout the week. I’ll be posting it all, too – not just my highlights. So, without much further ado – here is what I got up to from Monday 25th – Sunday 31st April.


Ladies, Wine and Design – Photography Workshop

On Wednesday night, I headed to a photography mastercalas hosted by Marion from Ladies, Wine and Design Newcastle. LWD is a wonderful collective that regularly hosts workshops and/or parties to champion local female creatives. Essentially, you get to try your hand at a creative task – such as photography – whilst drinking wine, eating cheese and have a chinwag with other female creatives.

Overall, the night was a complete hoot! I tried my hand at shooting flat-lays (see photo above) and met some lovely like-minded ladies. Another added bonus is the cheese and vino that is provided. Let me be totally honest with you guys: I recently discovered that I’m lactose intolerant and shouldn’t eat any cheese. But as a human – I have my flaws and one of them is a lack of willpower, especially when it comes to food. So in true (piggy) form, I tried a small bit of the truffle oil combination. Big mistake. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. In summary, I may have had almost a full block of cheese which may have made me feel ill afterwards but it’s okay guys.

I had an amazing time, and would urge you to visit a LWD night if you can! Plus, the good thing about LWD is that it’s not just limited to Newcastle. There’s actually collectives in lots of cities all across the world so if it sounds up your street, maybe do a little Google.

A Small Rant: Social Media Has Gone Too Far

On Friday lunch-time, I headed to the Baltic art gallery with a pal. After lapping in all of the culture, we then headed to the Great British Cupcakery for a coffee and cake pick-me-up. The cake was delicious but truthfully, I found the atmosphere a bit cringe. It was packed – which I don’t mind at all – in fact, I love it when a local business thrives. But what I found cringe were the customers that were solely there for social media, and not for the experience.

There were numerous photo shoot happening all over the place. I get it – it’s a beautiful location. I also was also taken away by the interior can captured a photo. However, after getting the shot, I put my phone down and carried on chatting to my friend.

In comparison, I noticed that a couple of groups spent a good ten minutes perfecting their food flat-lay for social media. After getting a sufficient enough shot, each person would be fixated on their phone as they edited each photo for perfection. Then, still sitting in silence, they would refresh their feeds waiting for the likes to roll in whilst they nibbled at their food. Still silent. It just made me sad. How can someone be sat with their friends and not interact with one another? How can getting a like on social media feel better than talking to your friend IRL? I just don’t get it.

Once they left, the waitress naturally cleaned up the remains of their food flat lays, too. A good 75% of the cupcakes and freak-shakes were still left. This made me feel even more sad. Don’t get me wrong – I love seeing photographs of food on my feed. It gives me inspiration of where to visit. But I really do think there should be a line between consuming for the experience, and consuming for social media. What do you think?

Breaking News: I Made Brunch Rather Than Buying It

On a more positive note, on Saturday morning I used the ‘Lean in 15 Veggie’ cookbook to make some cheesy eggy bread. I should actually mention that I’m not actually a vegetarian. But as someone who eats a lot of vegetables, I spotted the cookbook in Tesco and had a cheeky flick through. After realising it was a simple cookbook where you didn’t need tarragon, a hobbit heart or any other rare ingredients, I picked it up. Safe to say, I’m now obsessed. So much so that it’s inspired me to try and give up my daily Greggs bacon baps and budget soup for lunch. I am actually going to try and get my life together by meal prepping. Watch this space.

I Did, However, Buy Lunch – But It Was Delicious

On Saturday afternoon, the drove drove us 1 hour North to the beautiful seaside town, Amble. But in true British weather – it started pouring down as soon as we arrived there. So instead of getting our steps in on a beach walk, we decided to get our calorie intake in and headed to Sea and Soil. It was our first time visiting the family-run business but it certainly won’t be our last.

Naturally, the menu was full of fish focused dishes – which in my eyes, is the perfect scenario. There’s only one thing I love more than a fish dish and that’s brunch. So imagine how happy I was after discovering that their breakfast menu ran all day.

After humming and hawing between at least 80% of the menu, I finally settled on crab cakes. Topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce making it the ideal combo. M went for the octopus salad with beef bits and samphire. Luckily for me, M was very hungover so I got to wolf down my dish and a quarter of his. Anyway, if you live in the North East and fancy some seafood – Sea & Soil is definitely worth the drive up. But learn from our mistakes, and remember to check the weather!

So, that’s my week in photos. But as I didn’t plan on this being a series, there are some other shenanigans I got up to:

  • Heading to the launch night of Banyan restaurant. It looks beautiful but unfortunately, the place was so packed that I never got a real feel for the place. I am, however, desperate to go back and try the food.
  • Attended a podcast workshop. I learnt many things but mostly that creating/ editing/ promoting a podcast is too much work for someone who doesn’t have enough time. So that’s for the future, maybe.
  • I also got my cake/ eggy bread/ crab cake loving arse of mine back to the gym. I pulled a muscle in a very unforgiving place and have spent the full weekend walking like I’ve broken my tailbone. But I went, and that’s my counts, eh guys?

Anyway – enough about me! What have you been up to this week? I would love to know in the comments below.


  • Charlotte

    What a lovely series idea and I look forward to seeing the upcoming ones!

    I agree about social media too. Don’t get me wrong one of my happiest times is taking a pic of food but I never edit and post it there and then!! I always take the pics then put my phone down. It always so sad when you see people out together all glued to their phones 😢

    March 31, 2019 at 9:23 pm Reply
    • mynameisbekki

      Oh, thank you! That’s really nice of you to say – makes blogging worthwhile!

      Yes, exactly! I think it’s about balance. It’s now totally normal to take a photo of food – I’m guilty of it too – but it’s when it interferes with your normal life, that it’s a problem.

      April 7, 2019 at 4:12 pm Reply
  • Melis Living

    Sounds like such a good week! I will enjoy reading these catch-up posts to give me new things to try in the toon 🙂
    I went to banyan last Thursday and tried some food, it’s nice. Not ground-breaking but for a catch up with a friend and cocktails it’s a good place to head to for tea.
    It’s a shame about Great British Cupcakery as their cakes are the best! Look forward to reading more of your updates. Melis

    April 1, 2019 at 9:21 am Reply
    • mynameisbekki

      Thanks Melis! Really appreciate it.

      April 7, 2019 at 4:12 pm Reply

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