Weekly Shenanigans: 31st March – 6th April

Happy Sunday, senoirs and senoritas! I am back again with a post about my weekly shenanigans – a new series where I discuss what I’ve been up to this week in the North East.

Filmore & Union Breakfast

Brunching and Bitching

On Sunday morning, I met up with my pal Pippa for brunch. Our mistake? Pencilling in a good old chinwag on Mother’s Day morning. We actually struggled to find a table somewhere and in the end, we settled for Filmore & Union in John Lewis. After the Daily Nutritionist introduced me to their delicious coffee range a couple of months ago, it quickly became one of my fave coffee hotspots. Despite this, I’d yet had a chance to try their food. Unfortunately, I wish I hadn’t bothered as I was actually pretty disappointed. The food was mildly average for somewhere with such high price points.

After brunch, I headed to Camber Coffee to get my productive head on. And when I mean productive, I mean it’s when I started this blog series! Thankfully the place was super quiet for a Sunday which was a nice contrast to the bustling streets of Newcastle. Better yet, their coffee was delicious (enough to take my favourite coffee shop Kiln a run for their money). But the biggest kudos go to them for not charging extra for oat milk. It’s the little thing’s that make the big difference!

Being Rubbish at Something But Loving It

With less than two months to go until my holiday, I’m determined to get rid of the (Greggs bacon) rolls that have somehow accumulated on my stomach. I’ve therefore been upping my gym game by going more often and trying new things.

On Monday, I headed to my first Pads class which is more commonly known as ‘boxercise’. Surprisingly, I absolutely bloody loved it. I mean, I’m not going to lie – I was blooming horrendous at it as I am extremely uncoordinated. But I have been for 24 years so I’m used to it, and still push myself anyway. I might not have been able to master the moves, and also may have fallen flat on my arse in front of a total stranger, but I loved it. It felt very liberating so I’ll be heading back.

Also, can we just acknowledge the fact that in front of my gym is the Greggs headquarters? (See photo.)

Revolution De Cuba - Newcastle

Mojitos & Burittos

On Tuesday night, I headed to Revolution de Cuba for a cheeky mid-week cocktail… or three. I ordered the Mojito and (Chicken) Buritto deal, which was only £8. As a chain, I wasn’t expecting the burrito to be of decent quality but I was gladly mistaken. The chicken was juicy and the size was of a good proportion. The cocktails are surprisingly strong too – and of extra good value when on the 2 for £10 deal. All in all, my first visit to Revs de Cuba did not disappoint. I’d say I’d head back but I did four days later…

Being a FasHUN at the Chinese Takeaway

Nothing to report here – I’m just showing you my attire for a trip to my local Chinese takeaway with the boy. That’s me in my favourite clothing item – my M&S fluffy dressing gown which I elegantly paired with some silk PJ’s, and my step-dads trainers. I mean, who has time for putting on proper fitting shoes when your takeaway order is ready?

I think you can guess what my Friday consisted off – pigging out whilst lying on the sofa with the boy. Or as I’d more commonly call it “my favourite kind of night.”

Brandling Villa - Newcastle

Day-time Drinking

To make up for our absolutely wild night of nothingness, I and the boy went day-time drinking on Saturday. It went a little something like this – food at the Brandling Villa, drinks, more drinks, shots, fancy cocktails, drinks, tea, drinks and trying not to fall asleep on the bus home. Then falling asleep at 7pm and ruining our sleeping pattern.

Was it worth it? Absolutely.

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